Multiple Color layers

I need to add different gradients to the same shape, so I thought I’d use multiple Color layers but it seems that Glyphs will export only the top most one. I’m not very concerned about the export right now (I’m ultimately building a COLRv1 table) but at least I’d expect Glyphs preview to combine the layers together (the base layer has solid color, the layers on top has gradients with transparency).

In SVG, I was duplicating the shape but it makes editing harder, and I also want to keep the layer setup as close as possible to how the COLR table will be built.

Can you send me a sample file? And some mockup of the expected result?

This font has two glyphs, hah-ar that has three color layers, but Glyphs only shows (and exports the top one), and hah-ar.001 that has the three layers merged together showing the expected result.
Test.glyphs (7.1 KB)

Basically I was hoping that Color layers would be staked on top of each other when rendered in Glyphs and exported to SVG table, just like Color Palette layers.