Multiple glyph questions

  1. When managing glyphs with scripting, which should contain the paths and which contains the composite, acute or acutecomb (likewise caron and caroncomb?
  2. I read that composites inherit the anchor(s) of the original glyph. Does this apply to a Ccaron which has composites of both “C” and “caron”? As a follow-on, if InDesign replaces a C + caron with a Ccaron, is the ‘top’ of the caron retained with the replaced Ccaron? (hope this makes sense)
  3. Where can I learn more about auto-hinting and how to deal with ‘ttfautohint’ problems (have read prior forum posts, deleted all hinting (ttf/ps), etc)?
  1. I mostly put the paths into the “comb” glyphs.
  2. When the caron (it should be caroncomb) has a “top” anchor, that will be used in the “Ccaron”.
  3. There is a tutorial. Most problems are not Glyphs related and one might ask in the ttfautohint repo or forum.