Multiple ligatures replacement

Hey everyone!
I’m creating my first font with ligatures and I have a question. I’ve created the ligatures by adding glyphs with the name, for example, a_b.liga . Since this is a script font I would like to know how to connect multiple letters with ligatures, for example, if I have the word egg and I have the following glyphs : e_g.liga and g_g.liga . Illustrator only allows me to connect e with g ou g with g, is there any way to connect the three letters without creating a new ligature with them?

No ligatures needed for what you’re trying to achieve (I assume that’s connecting letters in any combinations). Draw two sets of letters: one is “default”, and another with a stroke leading to the next letter (let’s call them lig). Then put them into @default and @lig classes and create a calt feature:
sub @default@default by @lig;

Then you can add more fancy ligatures and stuff on top of that.

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You need positional alternates, not ligatures. Search for positional alternates on the tutorials page, you’ll find some handy tips there.

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