Multiple ligatures replacement

Hey everyone!
I’m creating my first font with ligatures and I have a question. I’ve created the ligatures by adding glyphs with the name, for example, a_b.liga . Since this is a script font I would like to know how to connect multiple letters with ligatures, for example, if I have the word egg and I have the following glyphs : e_g.liga and g_g.liga . Illustrator only allows me to connect e with g ou g with g, is there any way to connect the three letters without creating a new ligature with them?

No ligatures needed for what you’re trying to achieve (I assume that’s connecting letters in any combinations). Draw two sets of letters: one is “default”, and another with a stroke leading to the next letter (let’s call them lig). Then put them into @default and @lig classes and create a calt feature:
sub @default@default by @lig;

Then you can add more fancy ligatures and stuff on top of that.


You need positional alternates, not ligatures. Search for positional alternates on the tutorials page, you’ll find some handy tips there.