Multiple master / hinting

Hi there —

I’m manually hinting quite a few glyphs. The autohinter is proving a bit patchy for me (turning counters into vertical hints in places) and manual hints are making a big difference in one of the masters. I was under the impression that I only needed to manually hint a single master? It doesn’t seem to be so.

"If you make sure you always attach the circle and the triangle to nodes, you only need to hint the first master. If your paths are point-compatible, which they need to be anyway, Glyphs will automatically apply the hints to all instances. Nice!"

Firstly, not sure what the circle and triangles are!?

Secondly, does that mean in an x-light > bold mm scenario I should be manually hinting x-light? I manually hinted the bold and am getting undesirable results for middle instances. Stems are correct. Just to confirm that I’m working with compatible masters.

Just opened up a middle instance in other font editing software and the hints are visible (even in poorly performing characters) but in glyphs they are not?

Many thanks for any help!


My guess is that you have bad stem and zone settings. Read this please: It is what you see when you manually place a hint. The circle is the hint origin, the triangle indicates the size. 'First master' refers to whatever shows up on top in File > Font Info > Masters. If you find the bold easier to hint, then drag it up there. Manually placed hints in other masters should be ignored. Glyphs does not import hints from existing fonts:

Many thanks for the speedy reply! I’ll triple check stem and zone values though I’m pretty sure they’re spot on. Would the master weight and width values play any part here?

Ah yes... I see them now. They're rather hidden