Multiple Master Issue: additional anchor points

Hello everyone,

I have discovered a problem when exporting my font that is using the multiple master technique. In some exported otf-files, I have noticed additional anchor points which lead to bearly visible bumps, like in the attached image. It seems that these anchor points just show up in interpolated instances and not in drawn layers.

Would be so glad for any help :slight_smile:

All the best

Can you send me the .glyphs file. Or at least post a screenshot of the same place from all masters.

A few days ago, a very similar problem showed up in one glyph through all interpolated weights; of a typeface I was working on. When examining both Masters it showed perfect alignment of the nodes (the attached-image), but the generated fonts result a broken line as yours.

You may want to check the source component, in case your composite glyph is made with earlier components;
There I found misalignment of nodes in one master which I couldn’t see by Show all Instances !

Thank you! I »solved« this problem simply by updating to the latest version of glyphs. Now the export works perfectly fine again…