Multiple Masters and Extrapolating Question

Let’s say I have two masters: Light and Bold. Is there anything I should be aware of when extrapolating a Thin and Heavy instance from this setup? From what I can see, the output is the same as if I had Thin and Heavy as the masters and interpolated the Light and Bold weights.


If your masters fit well together and you extrapolate only a bit you are fine.

Okay, thank you Georg.

I have one additional question regarding the Interpolation Width parameter. When generating instances from masters, the Interpolation Width defaults to 5. When adding new instances, the Interpolation Width defaults to 100.

Which of the width values should be used? Both appear to produce identical results.

Just make sure they are the same everywhere. Unless you want to interpolate along the Width axis, that is.

The quality/usability of your extrapolations depend on a lot of different factors. One of the most important one is contrast (thin vs. fat parts of design).

If possible, I would put the extreme weight as far as possible. Sometimes an inbetween weight is needed.

Awesome. Thanks for the help everyone!