Multiple Masters

Hey I’ve read all three Multiple Masters guides, and still one of my letters cannot export (Can’t convert to compatible TrueType curves.) the known problem… I really looked over again and again, and still cant figure why it is not compatible.

Is there a way to see what is the specific problem so I could fix it?

Can you check that you don’t have inflections in only one master?

Can you send me the outlines of that glyph?

What do you mean by outline of the glyph? it Have 9 Masters.
What do you mean by inflections? It’s a complex variable, it’s all a big mess, but the mess works for the other 25 Heb Letters

An inflection is where the path changes its rotation. Think the middle of an S curve.

The strokes applied to your shapes produce cut off corners for very sharp angles. When slanting, some corners get sharper and trigger that cutoff value and those produce one more point. I increased that limit a bit. That will make it work for this shape, but you might run into this with other shapes. Will be available in the next update.

The 3D effect is great.

Ok! Thanks!! That’s very interesting. I’ll be waiting for the next update.
This is my final project as a VC student, Thank you.

Btw, thanks a lot for the fast and serious response! Very decent and above expectations.