Multiple Preview Windows

I was wondering if there’s a way to open as many preview panel as I want in Glyphs. For instance if I have multiple styles, it would be cool to have several windows to see all my styles at once. Any suggestions?

If I need more viewing options, I usually set the text in Indesign and keep exporting to the Indesign fonts folder ( That gives you much more control as anything I could come up with in Glyphs.

I agree! It would very nice to be able to have several preview panels open with different masters and instances in order to get a more robust real-time view of how things are affecting interpolated instances than the ‘view all instances’ option, which only shows one character at a time.

The problem is that it would affect performance greatly. The instances you see in preview are real-time generated fonts. And every time you move a point, well you get the idea.

If you want to stay inside Glyphs, your best option is @SimonC’s GlyphSILE plug-in (find it via Window > Plugin Manager). Outside of Glyphs, you can use TextPreview, the Adobe Fonts folder, or @hagenburger’s Export script.