Multiple smart filters selection not working

In G2 I could select multiple smart filter (love that feature!), it doesn’t seem to work in G3.
(Using 3.0.3 on 10.15.7)

It still does that (Cmd-click multiple smart filters), but they are OR connected (not AND).

Right! And is there still a way to have AND connected?

Inside a single filter.

For myself that’s shame, I’ve been using a list of smart filters and multi selecting them in a very convening way without having to create one for each specific selection. So I vote for AND! :wink:

I agree that I’ll miss the ad-hoc “ANDing” of filters (and note that “ANDing” happens when selecting Filters and Categories so there’s some inconsistency here).

That said, I am THRILLED that filter folders now “OR” all of their contents, as I’ve long hoped for. This makes constructing really handy nested pieces of a character set easy. Thanks!

Within a section: OR, across sections: AND. (A section is Categories or Languages or Filters.) So there is a logic to it, but I can also see that AND everywhere can be desirable in some workflows.

Unless I’m missing something, a real flaw in the new behavior is that there’s no longer a way to get filter that includes results of a smart filter ANDed with results of a list filter. (That is, the “single filter” solution suggested above can’t get me the glyphs that are in my Adobe Latin 1 list that are labeled green, can it?)

(One solution might lay in this suggestion I posted five years ago.)

I’d just add that I don’t see the above as an edge-case, but rather a quite typical use case for filters. I’d even argue that the name “filter” itself implies the “cutting down” of OR operations rather than the “adding up” of ANDs.

I do use filters with OR a lot (mental model: form a union of two filters just like the selection is of two filters) but I can see that does not fit someone else’s mental model. Would you suggest switching to AND for everything: multiple languages selected, multiple categories, multiple filters, filter + language, etc.?

There clearly are good cases for both behaviours so perhaps a different shortcut?
Like Cmd-click = OR, Cmd+alt-click = AND?