Multiple Virtual Masters


I’m trying to work with multiple Virtual Masters, but I’m at a point where
I do not understand what I’m doing wrong.
I have 4 masters: Light, Bold, Light Compressed and Bold Compressed
and two Virtual Masters, one for the Crossbar Height and the other for the Outline

In Line is to make an Outline font, and it works fine but the problem at this point,
is that the crossbar value affects also the outline.

I’m sure I’m losing myself in a glass of water

Thank you so much.

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You need two Virtual masters. I only see one.

Right. Added! But I think I’m doing something wrong in the layers! Maybe04 56

The virtual masters you add via custom parameters should match the values of the brace layers you intend to behave as virtual masters. The two custom parameters you currently have are identical.

From what I can see, the outline and the crossbar are both being affected by a change in the crossbar value because of the values you’ve entered for the virtual masters. To clarify, the outlines shown are what I would expect at a location of {50, 100, 0, 0}, but instead are at {50, 100, 0, 100}

Currently the light master has values of {50, 100, 100, 100} and it appears this corresponds to a font with a default crossbar height and no inline. This would mean you could place a virtual master at {50, 100, 100, 0} for inline with the default crossbar height, and {50, 100, 0, 100} for no inline and the new crossbar height. The combination of inline and new crossbar height at {50, 100, 0, 0} would most likely not need a virtual master since the deltas from the other two should suffice to make this accessible in the designspace

Also, do you intend all the glyphs to have an inline version and be affected by an inline axis? If so, then it may be easier to have that as a regular master rather than a virtual one

Thank you! it works, but as you said, maybe it’s easier to make a Master