Multiply categories doesn't show

In previous versions I could select a few categories and it has been filtered automatically. Now if I choose 2 and more categories it doesn’t show anything. Any suggestions?

Not on my Mac now, but I guess they are logically AND connected. There are no glyphs that are both Uppercase letter and decimal digit. AND connection used to work only between filters and categories, and between languages and categories. But you have only categories selected now, no languages or filters, right?

On this example I use Uppercase and Lowercase. Both of these lists are full of glyphs. Yes, only categories (no languages or filters)

This is the same issue as @mekkablue pointed out: category/languages concatenation uses AND logic, so uppercase and lowercase will return nothing, whereas lowercase and Cyrillic will give you lowercase Cyrillic.

As a feature request though, what would be the workload for smart filters to get an AND/OR option when adding arguments?

The smart filters already can do AND/OR. Add a new row with opt keys pressed. It will give you an compound row.

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