My Bracket Tricks not working on Glyphs 3.0.4 (3092)

I am setting a bracket trick in the same way I used to do it in Glyphs 2 but it does not work. I am using 3.0.4 (3092). Is it the same bug people was complaining about a few months ago?



This tutorial explains how it works now: Switching Shapes | Glyphs

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Now I have a new problem: every time I right click on the duplicated layer to pick “Alternate” Glyphs crashes. It happens with 3.0.3 and also with 3.0.3.

I just sent my crash report.

Thanks in advance for any help on this.


Unfortunately I can’t reproduce the error. Can you send me that file? Maybe there is something wrong?

Fine. File just sent.

The latest build (3.0.4 (3094) ) let me open the the Layer’s contextual menu but crashes when I click “Alternate”. I am on OSX 10.11.6.

In what glyph is that?

Can you send me the file in the state just before the crash happens.

File sent