My exported typeface is sits too low on the web, happens in all font formats

I recently finished a typeface that is being used for a large company’s website. An issue that we’re running into is that the typeface sits too low in text boxes. Here’s how my font sits:

Notice the x-height isn’t centered, a few pixels too low, and the cap height sits low as well. My developer says this is problematic because we are not able to set even padding above + below. I compared several other typefaces, and I couldn’t find one with a similar issue. For comparison, here’s Arial:

What am I doing wrong? Is it simply my design? Or am I missing a step in the process? I’d love to figure out how to fix this with as little change to the design of the typeface as possible.

For more reference, here’s a screenshot of my metrics looks like:

Thanks in advance!

Ascender values? Read the tutorial about Vertical Metrics.

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Thanks! I’ll see if this fixes it.