My files have vanished

I was creating a final file for a font and saved it manually all along.
Now I can’t find the files. I have attached my preference. This happens when I upgrade to a new version. Please help me.
Screen Shot 2022-07-04 at 4.01.33 PM

Where did you save the file?

I wouldn’t recommend to use the “Use Versions” option. It is interfering with the file too much. But it shouldn’t delete it.

What are the settings I should use for an auto-save feature?

Where could my file possibly kept? Are there places I should look?
I open up the old file and the changes now show on the file, Huh

Recommendation: set up a proper VCS (version control system), preferably with git. Use the Glyphs File Package format when saving your file, this way you can track changes far more precisely, as each glyph is saved as a separate file (among other things). Setting up a VCS with git is not very complicated and will save you a ton of hassle, also, collaboration is far easier. Check out

On a side note, a tutorial on how to set up a VCS with git for Glyphs projects would be very useful, I’m happy to write it.