My first Font " Burger & Brains "


My name is Ameer Magdy, I’m a Visual Designer and sometimes Visual Development Artist.
seems that was not enough for me :smiley: so, I decided to try Typography.
Of course, this a Major Art Department and I know how much time and efforts pros like you guys spend. I hope I’m not offending anyone. I’m just trying to explore my potentials with my humble design knowledge.

It’s funny how I ended up doing it and how I gave it that name. I was pitching a logo for a diner called Burger Brains, and my design was rejected, I was loving the letters I created, so I thought of designing all the Alphabets. and I called it " Burger & Brains "

I’m here to ask you for your help and guidance. to understand where am I really going with this. Here is a link for the WIP: or


Looks good to me. Congratulations!

The only thing I can think of is that it is very, very tight. Unless that has a specific purpose, I would increase sidebearings.

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Thank you so much @mekkablue :slight_smile: I will try to increase it a bit. yes, I meant to keep it close together.