My font looks like this. How do I fix it? The stroke is also not filled when I open a letter even though it was, earlier on(i've attached screenshots)

Can you show a screenshot of the master settings and one glyph in the edit view?

You need at least an “Ascender” and one “Descender” (without any filters).

my ascender is in the same line as the alef height

In File > Font Info > Masters, you need to add a metric called Ascender in the Metrics section, and a sensible value for its position (= first number) and its zone (= second number).

I have an ascender but the problem is that it doesnt look like how it used to look earlier today. Im not sure what I clicked that changed it (attached) the stroke is supposed to filled but it isnt right now :frowning:
Screen Shot 2022-12-04 at 12.51.52 AM

You need to add the ascender value even if your glyphs don’t have ascenders. It it the valine that defines line height and is needed in various places in the final .otf file. So use a number that is something like the tallest glyph.