My plugin draws objects below inactiveLayers()

I’m trying to create some special tools for the spacing. I created quite complicated reporter plugin which sometimes draws something similar to measurement line.
To do so I’m using inactiveLayers() with needsExtraMainOutlineDrawingForInactiveLayer_() turned on. I met following issue:

I wanted to draw those red objects above the letters (something like the foreground() but in inactiveLayers() ): not below. Can anyone help me to manage it?

Thanks in advance for your help

Another thing is that even without preview() method in my class, those red objects draws in the preview window. I cope with that by adding preview-method only with “pass” expression in it

Have you tried disabling the main outline and drawing everything yourself?

yes, but inactivelayer() moves a little bit to the upper direction, like 1-2 pixels. I don’t trust this and I’ve jus overridden it, by writing just a little more complicated code in foreground() method.

This is very similar to the measurement line of the text tool. There I draw the whole line in the foreground method. You get to all layers and their position:

layerCount = self.controller.graphicView().cachedLayerCount()
for i in range(layerCount):
	layer = self.controller.graphicView().cachedGlyphAtIndex_(i)
	position = self.controller.graphicView().cachedPositionAtIndex_(i)
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