My ss01 doesn't appear in window character map

Hi There,

Anyone can help me how to fix this problem? My font which have ss01, ss02, ss03 features in otf file format doesn’t appear and i can’t find it in windows character map.

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Did you update features before you exported? Go to Font Info > Features > Hit “Update” button at bottom left of window. Then export your fonts again.

Yes i did.

What is the Windows character map? And why should OT glyph alternates be listed in a map of characters?

About what is character map please visit in here

Buyer use character map to view any extra glyphs.

The features include:
liga which is not showing under aalt !?

you may also check if all Stylistic-Alternates glyphs are not export banned.

Is it possible, it only shows characters, not all glyphs in the font?