MyFonts do not pass vertical metric validator after update

After upgrading from 1254 to 1266 (I don’t know exactly when), the exported OTF file does not validate with the Myfonts validator with a warning:

Vertical metrics will not result in clipping on Windows|
We’ve tested your fonts to ensure that when used on Windows, the acsenders and descenders will not appear clipped or cut off. It is good practice to ensure that your vertical metrics also accomodate your diacritics.

However, the font rendering with update 1254 has been successfully verified.

What’s wrong?

Two things:

Thanks, but my question is not about vertical metrics tutorial. My current Version is 2.6.2 (1266).
The problem is — when I export the font file to OTF in V1254 then Myfonts validator says OK, but if I update to current version and export the same file again — validator makes error! The same file!

Else. If I try to export a file made with v1266 export to OTF in v1254 I get an overlap flatten error for different letters.

Any old file that I re-exported will be compromised after exporting to v1266.

So question is why it happens with new version? I can sent two same files, generated by different versions.

Basically, manually adding winDescent = 800 (insted Descender = -400") fixed the issue, but still question is that a bug or just an occasion with older version?

I don’t know. I don’t think @GeorgSeifert changed anything about the automated vertical metric calculation. Can you compare the OS/2 table of the two exports with OTMaster or FontTableViewer?

No, but if export to TTF OT there are no warnings.
But I decided to pay more attention to diacritics positions further.

What is the difference in OTMaster/FontTableViewer?

I’ve compared the both files in the FTW and I found no difference excerpt table head
summ and date (I looked at all the tables as best I could, maybe there is an automatic comparison?)

all the same in the metrics

But there is difference during validation

It says it will not result in clipping on Windows, so it seems fine to me. The Descent value of 400 seems very small for UPM 2048, if that’s what it is. The screenshots do not show the win values. Did you set fsSelection bit 7 (‘use typo metrics’)?

The difference to before may just have been that MyFonts have introduced the validation since then. IOW there was simply no reporting at all before, now there is.

This was the first font that, with these parameters, was validated in the first case (v1254) and not in the second (v1266). Here I did not change the default values, assuming that the indentation is automatically configured.

The second font did not pass validation at all, so in the properties I added the value of WinDescent to both styles

So this is the metrics

And this file (descent 800) passed the test

The differences are probably in the OS/2 table.

I’m having the same problem with MyFonts validation and Windows vertical metrics
clipping. Fonts that were accepted before are failing to validate now.

After much experimenting and testing, I sent an email to MyFonts tech support, and they recently changed their validation algorithm which is causing the problems. It would be nice to know their actual requirements instead of spending days and weeks tweaking numbers and failing. Maybe GlyphsApp can investigate and come up with a solution.


Here’s MyFonts reply:

We’ve recently made some changes to the validator inside Monotype Font Platform. The goal of the validator is to ensure that fonts released to MyFonts do not contain common issues faced by customers, which leads to large numbers of support requests, refunded orders, and unhappy customers. We are going to make some of the red errors into warnings so that the fonts can make it through for review while we evaluate how we’re testing each of these important characteristics! I will follow up with you once this change has been made and you can resubmit your fonts. You can see our articles about the validator here: We are adding new articles regularly, so check back in.

Thanks for your patience while we are working to improve MyFonts for our customers and ensure that we only sell quality fonts. I’ll email you ASAP once the changes have been made.

Looks similar

In attachment the fonts if you wish. (78.1 KB)