Mystery of disappearing file suffixes

Somehow Glyphs causes the file suffixes of .glyphs and .glyphspackage to be hidden from time to time.

In Finder settings, I have set the preference not to show all suffixes. But usually, the Glyphs file suffixes are visible. I don’t touch these files with any other app, and after a while, the suffix is hidden. Not sure what triggers it, maybe opening a file from the “Open Recent” menu entry?

I don’t know if this is related, but here goes: Some times when I use the Glyphs’ open file window, all or only some of the Glyphs files are greyed-out and can’t be selected nor be opened. Often it helps to close the open file window, and try the open file window again.


I do that all the time but never happened to me. Where do you store your files? Maybe in some dropbox folder or something?

It happens to files that are in a git repo, as well as just locally saved.

The suffix setting is stored in an extended file attribute. It needs to come form somewhere. I don’t think Glyphs add it on purpose. So the question is: What triggers it.