Mystery shape causing incompatibility in Multiple Masters / Variable Font


I’m trying to export a simplified “Variable Font” (really just 4 glyphs that comprise a word I’ll be animating for a personal project) consisting of 6 Masters. I keep getting the incompatibility error upon export. When looking in Masters Compatibility View, I can see this weird “ghost” shape on one of my glyphs. It’s not in the background and doesn’t appear in any other of the Masters. It’s showing this particular Master as having two shapes, when in reality it is only one shape. I imagine that this is the cause of the incompatibility. Any inklings as to why this might be happening / what this shape is? Screengrab attached. The “1” is the mystery shape, the “2” is the node where this and the rest of the Masters should be starting (the others seem fine).

Screen Shot 2021-06-21 at 10.58.48 AM

I’ll admit that this file is a very quick and dirty means to an end. I’m not terribly well-versed in Glyphs setup / best practices and this file is probably a nightmare to look at, but I’ve output similar short Variable “fonts” (again just a few glyphs) the same way before.


Can you run Path > Tidy up Paths on all Masters (hold down the Option key when opening the Path menu).

Holy moly, that worked like a dream! Thanks very much. I had been using “Correct Paths on All Masters” over and over but was afraid to touch the Tidy Up option. I use Glyphs primarily as a lettering tool so I’m not terribly familiar with the more nuanced options. Thanks again.