"Name Table Entry" custom parameter

What’s the “Name Table Entry” customer parameter? I’m guessing it’s new because I don’t see any mention of it in the help documentation or the manual.

It is so new it is not implemented yet :slight_smile: It is going to be a parameter that allows you to trigger ttx merges for entries in the name table after the OTF build. Useful for things where you only have limited control through makeotf, like the version string.

That would be handy.

Yes, it would!


I wonder how to use the Custom Parameter Name Table Entry. It is already implemented? Also I don’t know if there is a way to set Base Table in Glyphs. Could it be possible to write the following text it in the PREFIX section in Features window?

table BASE { 
    HorizAxis.BaseTagList icfb icft ideo romn ;
       DFLT ideo -102 822 -140 0 ,
       cyrl romn -102 822 -140 0 ,
       grek romn -102 822 -140 0 ,
       hani ideo -102 822 -140 0 ,
       kana ideo -102 822 -140 0 ,
       latn romn -102 822 -140 0 ;
    VertAxis.BaseTagList icfb icft ideo romn ;
       DFLT ideo 38 962 0 140 ,
       cyrl romn 38 962 0 140 ,
       grek romn 38 962 0 140 ,
       hani ideo 38 962 0 140 ,
       kana ideo 38 962 0 140 ,
       latn romn 38 962 0 140 ;



Does it not work for you? It should get written into the features.fea file inside the project’s temp folder.

I just tried and the table is generated without problems.


I’m using a name table entry 1; Parry Grotesque Con ExtraBlack
According to the Naming tutorial that should set the Windows name table ID 1, but it doesn’t export it. See the screenshot from OTMaster.

Am I applying the parameter correct?


I tried it and it worked fine. But for name ID 1, I would use the styleMapFamilyName parameter.

Am I doing this right?


That worked for me. But why does this only affect the Windows naming and not the Macintosh name id’s?

Also I’m using a compatibleFullName parameter and name id 18 doesn’t even show up when I check the name table of the otf.

the name table is still made be makeOTF and it skips names that are redundant. You can check the input values that Glyphs writes out in the temp folder.

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