Names and weight values of masters

I just migrated a font project to Glyphs from Fontlab and I have now a Glyphs project with five masters set up. However they are all called “Regular” now. The name for masters is defined in Proportions weight class poplist, which gives only three options (light, regular, bold). How can I enter proper names for the masters?

Another question, I didn’t find a place for openTypeOS2WeightClass. Do I just make a custom parameter (for each master) for it? How is openTypeOS2WeightClass related to Proportions weight class number, if at all? Do I just enter a stem widht and forget about it? What does the Proportions weight class number actually do?

Please read this tutorial for the difference between master and instances. I think this will explain most of your questions.

Oh I see, thanks!

This is explained in part 3 of the MM tutorial:

Ran into problems when exporting masters - because all five are named “Regular” they overwrite each other. It would be good to be able to name the masters freely.

How do you export the maters? And what do you would like to use as names for the masters, meaning what do they represent?

I exported them as UFOs. The masters represent the weights. Ideal would be to have the name something like this: FamilyName_WeightName_FileVersionNumber.

Georg: A Master custom parameter ufoFileName would be great for that.

Sone other questions. Why do you need five different masters. If you plan to interpolate I’m quite sure that you can set it up with three or even only two masters.

If you don’t like to interpolate, I recommend to not put them all in one file.

Why do you need to export all masters to ufo? What do you plan to to with them?

Even with two masters, one would be overwritten?

If I have to go to MetricsMachine for example to fix something, I’d need to export UFOs. No big deal to export them one by one, but I’d still like to name the masters freely even inside Glyphs.

No, Just set the first as Light and the other as Bold. It does not really matter if it is correct, it only controls the icons in the toolbar and the name of the files for the ufo export. What do you do in MM that you need to go back and forth? Did you see:

Ok, but I still think it’s confusing and unnecessary to be restricted with three predefined names for the masters.

I’d also like to be able to name my masters differently, have more flexibility.

And btw, I have started using masters even for non-interpolating fonts. It makes it so much easier to make comparisons and modifications to all variations when set up as masters as opposed to being each in its own file.

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I agree with @kermie

Being able to have all weights in the same file as Masters (even if you’re not interpolating) can be quite handy.

You can see what’s going on when changing a glyph in comparison to other weights rather than looking through tabbed windows.

I would like to hear other peoples opinions on this as a work flow?

What do you mean when you say ‘all weights’?


If you're creating a family with weights ranging from light through to heavy,(or more than 3 weights), I find it good to have all weights in the one file, so you can see how the change can affect across multiple weights.

When I’m happy with all glyphs Duplicate for each weight for export.

How are they not in your file now?

Do you mean ‘master’ when you say ‘weight’, or do you mean ‘instance’? Because what you export is an instance.

Hi mekkablue,

Sorry for not being succinct.

If I create a Family with no interpolation, but with 5 weights (light, thin, regular, bold, black) having them in the same file as different Masters, I have to have 2 “light” and 2 “bold” weights and a regular.

What I think Kermie was saying was being able to change the Masters buttons to have Black, Bold etc, so flicking through them is easier.

Does that make sense now?

You can do that already.

The distinction Light/Regular/Bold (the popup) is for interpolation only, so you can skip that. Just make sure they have different Weight values (we recommend stem width), and you can cmd-1/2/3/4/5 through your masters.

Duplicate the Weight values in your instances, and you are done.

As mekkablue said, the master weight names are only cosmetic and are used to display the icons in the toolbar, nothing else (except if you export all masters as ufo…).