Naming Font with Families

I have a custom font (called “Fun Font”) that comes with two family members “Retro” and “Modern”.

I’d like to make it so the user selects “Fun Font” in the menu (e.g. the type menu in Photoshop). And then the user can use the sub menu to select either the “retro” version or the “modern” version. Similar to how if you select Myraid Pro, you can use the sub menu to select “semibold” etc

How can I do this? When I export my font, it always has the name of New Font

There is a tutorial that explains how to do it here, but I just don’t understand it. I know you have to go to “font info” but I don’t really follow the rest and I have read the tutorial several times.

Have you send the font name in Font Info > Font?

Currently the UI of Font Info is confusing in this regard.

  • “Fun Font” would be the Font Name or Family Name in File > Font Info > Font. The wording ‘Font Name’ is misleading.
  • “Retro” and “Modern” would be two instances in File > Font Info > Exports. You would set their Instance Name or Style Name accordingly.
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That worked perfectly, and that explanation was straight forward too. Thank you very much! :slight_smile: