Navigating through glyphs in edit mode

Is there a way to go to the next/previous adjacent glyph while in edit mode (select tool)?
And i’m not talking about “Show Next Glyph” from the View menu. I’d like a shortcut instead of double clicking.

I’d write a script right away but i can’t find a way to iterate through glyphs typed in the current tab. Still a rookie :wink:

Home/End. Glyphs Help has a complete list of shortcuts.

Thanks for response @DunwichTypeFounders!

Do you mean fn+right arrow/left arrow? If so than that’s exactly what i’m not asking about.

I want to move right and left between already opened glyphs in a tab.
Just like you would use the arrow keys to change the position of the cursor while using the type tool (T) except i want to move to another letter while in edit mode (while using select tool (V) for example).

This is currently possible with a series of command. Hit ‘t’, ‘left/right’ and ‘esc’.

Thanks for response @GeorgSeifert!

Of course, that’s what i want to omit.
If that answer comes from you i believe there is no way to script this other than creating a keyboard macro. Maybe that’s enough.

That can be scripted. Something like this:

it should be:

Font.currentTab.textCursor += 1

but that was not implemented properly
so for now, you need to do this:

editview = Font.currentTab.graphicView()
selection = editview.selectedRange()
selection.location += 1

Thank you! Works great!

I tried at one point the first solution but it didn’t work.
The second one is beyond the python api doc. Still need to learn much.
Thanks for the support!