Need advice spacing italics

Hi. I am working spacing/kerning a somehow large variable font, including italics as variable too. Masters are 8 >

light -> black,
light italic -> black italic,
light small -> black small,
light small italic -> black small italic

3 different axes to var.

I am using a lot of inherit common side bearings and since my italics are part of my masters, I have some trouble spacing them since they are a bit different. Also kern exceptions doesn’t work in a variable font. How do you manage this? Can I make italics in a separate file and somehow merge with the family as a MM font?


Metrics can be different, why is that a problem?

Because when using inherit side bearing they applied to the whole family

Sorry, I messed up concepts. I was meant to say Kerning Groups. I’ve added kerning groups for the no-italics and that inherit by the italics too.

Is there any script to delete all kerning groups from selected glyphs or all? There is one for deleting Metrics Keys from @mekkablue

You don’t need a script for that. You can select several glyphs in font view and the edit the groups in the info box in the lower left. You might need to type something first and then delete it.

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