Need custom parameter to generate vmtx

Glyphs 3.1.1 (3148)

I am making a Japanese font that requires vmtx. in G3, vmtx will not be generated if the vertical height of all glyphs is the default. If only one glyph differs from the default, it will be generated.

Adding non-default unused glyph is a way around it. However, a smarter way would be to provide the custom parameter for generating vmtx. The user must be able to select True/False.

Safari especially requires vmtx. Japanese fonts without vmtx are severely misaligned in vertical typesetting.

I didn’t know that an “empty” vmtx table would be useful. In that case, I can add the parameter.

What is needed is a “non-empty” vmtx table.
A single glyph with a non-default height will generate a non-empty vmtx table.

Wir “empty” I meant that it doesn’t contain information other that the default heights (so empty meaning no real extra information)

When I try, vmtx generates information for all glyphs (including glyphs with default height) if there is one glyph with non-default height. This is the correct vmtx.

I would be very happy if the correct vmtx is generated with that custom parameter setting.

By default, Glyphs checks if there is any glyph that has a none default vertical height. If not, it omits the vmtx table. That I meant with an “empty” table, not that it is actually empty but doesn’t contain any actual information. the only effect is its pur existing.

Stepping in for Monokano; he needs an option for vmtx table to be force-exported with actual height values including the default. Empty vmtx is just as useless as non-existent one.

Also Monokano’s suggestion: Since this is required in any font that could be used in vertical setting, would it make sense to auto-generate vmtx if vheaVertAscender and Descender are present? (i.e. when it’s clear that the designer intends to use the font vertically)

Again. I didn’t mean really empty. The table is well and has all data. I just meant that it doesn’t add any extra information.

Understood. I would appreciate it if you could consider a additional suggestion.

Yes. Please suggest.