Need for Show Interpolations with Nodes plugin


In my workflow, I often use extrapolation. It helps me to achieve consistency through out a family.

I use Show Interpolations plugin to control the shape of an extrapolated bold instance, but I miss a view of nodes.

Show Handles Everywhere would do the job, but in preview panel handles are very small and those inside the shape are invisible.

Is this a problem to “adjust” Show Interpolations plugin somehow or create a new plugin that would show also inter(extra)polated nodes?


Can you make a mockup of what you need?

And didn’t you script yourself? The code is open source. Feel free to modify it.

Here is a mockup. Show Handles Everywhere and Show Interpolations are on. Glyph on the right is a re-interpolation of a brace layer.

Now, I have a live view of a shape of an instance, but I’d like to also have a live view of nodes.

Should it look just like the show handles everywhere?

This would be perfect – only with some differentiation between nodes and handles.

or like this:

Generally I’d like to have a preview of nodes of interpolated instances. I miss this functionality in Glyphs.

Was this ever done?

Would be useful to see how nodes and handles behave across the grid

I could add it as an option to the Show Interpolations plug-in, but I am afraid it will just cause a lot of clutter and slow down the app.

Perhaps as an option so it can be turned on at discretion and user accepts the speed issue.
The attached screen grab shows an interpolation error on a shallow curve. (This is the Regular – the Light and Bold masters are OK.) I guessed it would do this, so I’ll will remove the extreme on the vertical. Seeing the nodes and outlines would allow a more immediate and direct way to catch these issues. Perhaps being able to toggle through all instances and/or view a specific one?

Can you show the node of the Light and Bold master, too?


The handles on the Light are this way to better achieve the line I want. But as the curve is so shallow it has been solved by removing the node altogether.

Hi Jeremy,
Perhaps this handle configuration can be help you.
jt-light-bold.glyphs (8.6 KB)

Thanks. Will take a look, but your example is over 2 units. My original was 1 unit. Removing the node I can correct this optically to 1/2 to 2/3 of a unit in the Light.

Corrected files. :slight_smile:
jt-light-bold.glyphs (8.6 KB)

It’s possible wit the Variable Font Preview Plugin. You can extrapolate by typing the number into the slider labels (or use the arrow keys)

Among many features you can toggle to show the nodes.

You dial in all the font’s instances as well with a click.

Someone like this under variable font scheme. (833.4 KB)

That looks great Mark. I’ll consider it. I’m running Mac 10.12 and may upgrade to 10.13. Still moving over to Affinity apps so 10.14 is some time away. – still need my old non-retina iMac for Adobe CS6 :slight_smile: and FontLab 5 for older font masters.

Nice and smooth, but I was always under the impression the OTF fonts grid-fitted.

You don’t need to upgrade for using it. However I have a version for 10.12 at hand

CFF-based fonts can have non integer coordinates. But only use them if absolutely necessary. In this case they would not help as this is a kink and not a rounding problem.