Need help in making font families

Hi, Please how can I fix my font families? Should I Expand the canter or Reduce the canter? From the main letter glyph? Or should I maintain the main like the “H” Canters and add on the Steam weight only? Please Could someone help me out? Thanks.

What du you mean by “canter”?

And what are you trying to do?

I think you mean the counter space.

The answer is: it depends on what you want to do. Heavier weight? Reduce white, increase black, sure.

Perhaps you want to pick up some of the books on type design out there. You will find some good suggestions in this thread: Type design Literature?

@GeorgSeifert sorry guys my english was bad. i want to say the counter space. because i made five families eg Thin,Light,Regular,Medium,Bold, after exporting it and testing it in InDesign, they still look same sizes just small different in weight, but is hard for me to see the differences. you can check out the image

thanks @mekkablue for the info but please the pdf you talked about in the suggestion, do you have the english version too? may be I will start with it. please what if i am doing the Thin and Italic weight what should i do?

“Heavier weight? Reduce white, increase black” this Info catch it up from you, thanks.