Needed: Type repair expert for existing font

I have an existing font built in Typetool 3.0 finished, kerned and saved as an OTF. Its a three part font, Fill, Outline, and Shadow. I need someone to reformat so it actually WORKS the way I intended, which as of now it does not. For a reasonable price (?) transfer into Glyphs. Contact me if this is something of interest.

What do you mean by reformat?
What doesn’t work the way you intended?
What are your expectations from transferring from one source format to another?

Sent you a DM

Its a 3 part font fill, outline and shadow. Currently there are separate OTFs that you can use together. The metrics and kerning don’t work as well as I hoped when putting the 3 together. I would like them to be in one OTF that your access all three forms in one OTF? I have the vfb files and am looking to spend around $500USD for the work. Best -Glenn