Nesting corner components?

is it supposed to work?
i have small roundeed corners i use in most cases
and a bigger corner that would taper stems, in which id like to use the smaller rounded ones.
doesnt seem to have the desired effect tho.

This is not supported at the moment.

would be alot cooler if you did…

Can you give us a good usecase?

lets say all corners are rounded with corner A
but some corners are chamfered with corner B that contain corner A too.

in order to edit the chamfer across the design
id like to have those types but also be able to adjust the roundedness from the small ones within the chamfer.

was just surpised it doesnt do it. cuz other components can be nested. why not corners.

im sure theres other creative ways to exploit nesting corners

I’m not sure there is a good solution for the fitting on the host path. In this particular case, why not use the rounding filter for the small corner roundings?