New beta (1125) automatically added layer color to some glyphs

I updated to the latest beta and it notified me that the file I was opening (a font I was already working on) was going to have changes made to certain glyphs.

I selected for them not to change, but then had to reenable the automatic alignment for the l and i accented glyphs (and a couple others that used components I created). It also automatically added an orange layer color to those. Is this correct or a bug?


That are the layers that were changed.

Is there a way we can turn these off? I find it annoying that they are continually flagged, like there’s an error. I am happy with how these coloured glyphs are in my font so can we confirm that ‘this is now correct’ and these flags can disappear?

I agree it feels a bit annoying. I use coloring for different systems when working on stylistic sets or to show a certain completion status. When Glyphs add a new layer color on top of that, it feels a bit confusing.