New Beta License not working

I can’t register the BETA version of glyph anymore, and downloading the BETA license doesn’t do the trick anymore. Are you currently launching Glyph out of BETA ? If yes, where can I buy a license ?
If no, what should I do ?


I uploaded a new file. Sorry for the inconvenience.


Seem to have missed this by about 24 hours. Is the beta serial still available?

Available at App Store here

Sorry L Doktor…this thread is about the beta serial…I’m not sure what your post has to do with it.

Hi, the app is available in the App Store since yesterday and so I fade out the beta. I’m working on the non App Store purchase system. I hope that I have this up today.

I added a new license to the site that will be valid for the next few day. After that the Beta phase is officially over.


Sorry Sandy...the initial post in this thread asks where a license can be post had everything to do with that.

Thanks George.

Ah, now it makes sense L Doktor.


Congratulation on the launch, and thanks for replying to my original message. I did another try in the following hours and it worked, but forgot to report here until now.

I’m really loving Glyphs, it fulfills all my expectations as a beginner in type designs. It’s such a relief not to be stuck with fontlab or fontographer. Thanks for your hard work.