New drawing orange indicators

What does the new color indicators refer to ?

These belong to Mekkablue’s Show Angled Handles Plugin. They are supposed to indicate close-to-straight lines that are not really straight. I propose the ratio of what is almost straight is a bit too high IMO.

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The orange X also shows path collision which should be corrected. That’s a very valuable bit of information.

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The close-to-straight lines ignore ratios, they just look for a small number of units. And they become more prominent if they are close to zero, and fade out if you increase the distance.

One thing I want to ask regarding the orange X: when a line is perfectly straight, i.e. having the same x or y value, and has two handles between nodes I still see the orange X often. I think that is misleading. The X should only appear when one of two handles would cross the other; a perfectly straight head-on collision is not a critical issue.

Am I wrong about that? Or perhaps my “straight” lines aren’t as straight as I think…

I will still leave it in as a marker. You may have accidentally opt-clicked the segment.