New features in kerning visualizations in Right-to-Left


All the improvements in Glyphs 2.1 are amazing, making easier the workflow specially with non-Latin fonts.

I just realized that there is a issue with the visualization of the name of the kerning group setting of the previous glyph when you are working in a right-to-left view. It is not showing the name of the previous glyphs. Also is not updating the position of the Show Group Members, which besides that, are not aligned to the visual kerning size. e.g. Left kerning is really a visual right kerning.

Here are an animated gif to show what is happening. Notice that in the images the cursor is placed to the right of u0644_u0622.insolated.lamMaddaOnAlef and the left to hah, when we shift to right-to-left this visual position is mirrored (but the groups member are not mirroring its position).