New forum software

We are working on a new website for Glyphs. And we are thinking about changing the forum software. The one that I like most only allows login with a twitter account (so it doesn’t need to deal with spam and user accounts). One big advantage would be that the new software would be much easier to integrate into the page.

I wanted to ask if anyone would have a problem with this.

Me not.
But I would like to see an option “notify me” for the new comments on topics and debates.

For me it’s fine.

I am little bit afraid you may discourage certain people to discuss their issues in the forum. While Germany, US, UK and Netherlands are among the top ten regarding the percentage of Twitter users in the population, in Central or Eastern Europe this service is rather ignored by many.

It won’t affect me.

If it is a standard forum format like we are used to but only requires a Twitter account for log-in, that’s fine. I do not use Twitter although I am registered so I can read what certain people are saying.

Fine by me and I like Ermin’s idea of “notify me”.

Sounds great!


I’m cool either way.

I don’t have a Twitter account, and I don’t want one. If it could also work with a Google account, I’d be fine with that (though I can understand if Google accounts let too many spammers in).

I suppose if Twitter is the only/best option, I could live with having a private account that’s never actually used except for this, but I’d much rather not have to use it.