New glyphs dont appear int he font

Hello, everybody! I have added two new glyphs but after exporting they don’t appear in AI. My font is saved to Adobe fonts so they should be no cache problems. Any ideas what can goes wrong? Please please. Thank you!

Can you be a little more specific, please? How do they ‘not appear’ in AI? And how did you add them? Which glyphs? Do they have a Unicode? If not, are they accessible via OT features?

Was it installed previously?
Could be a conflict if it is installed in both the system and the Adobe Fonts folder.

yes, sure, sorry. By not appearing in AI I mean that in AI in menu Type - Glyphs there is a table with all my glyphs, but there are no new glyphs that I just created (specifically for German) and exported.
I added my new glyphs by entering menu Languages - Western European - right-click for pop-up menu with glyphs - selecting germandbls - click Generate. It has been generated. After a draw my germandbls I export and Glyphs shows me pop-up message The font was successfully exported. By the way I just tried with some other new glyphs (like currency) and still the result is the same - successful export but no new glyphs in AI.
Yes, they have Unicode.
The font was installed previously into Adobe Fonts folder.
Hm, I didn’t install the font into system but just checked that it is actually installed. Will try to understand now how to uninstall it.

Sounds like a font conflict, and AI displayed the old version all the time. Give your font a different family name, and choose that one in AI, so there is no conflict.

yes, it helped. Thank you very much!! Could you please help me understand how the font could appear in system if I never ever saved it to the system but always saved it to Adobe Fonts (I always choose Adobe Fonts folder when exporting)?