New Glyphs to Decimal Numbers

Is there any way to add a new glyph to decimal numbers?

When I try to add a new glyph into the numbers area of the software nothing happens and no further new glyphs can be added after creating a numeral could this be a bug or added as a possible new feature.


You have to add a glyph with the right name. All sorting etc. depends on the glyph names. If you just add a glyph by pushing on the plus button, you will add a newGlyph with a three-digit suffix. If you want to add a glyph to a category with a number badge, right click the category and add the missing glyphs that appear then.

If I already have these numbers how do I add a variation of any numbers into the decimal digit area of glyphs.


you can’t add a number to the Decimal digits. This is a hard coded list. But they should show up in the Numbers category.

To Georg,

I cannot see new variations within the numbers category.

Duplicate an existing figure, and it will show up as, e.g., one.001 in the Numbers category. Make sure you actually select the Numbers category, and not one of its subcategories, which are predefined and do not take any extra glyphs.


I have duplicated an existing figure a number 1 what would be the best method to create a variation of that number and still placed it into the numbers category without the one.001name.(is there a best practice to renaming these).

You say that subcategories are predefined ‘‘not to take any extra glyphs’’ is there any workaround for that area if I tried to create variations of these.

Would you have any tutorials on this area or within the current user manual.


You can download the manual form the Get Started page, and search the tutorials on the Tutorials page. There are quite a few tutorials about numerals.

As to what the best practice should be, I would need to know what kind of variation you are making. A stylistic set? There is a tutorial about that, too.

Variations have a dot suffix. The dot suffix can have a meaning and trigger the automatic feature generator. See the handbook for details.