New guideline selection behavior and dragging/rotation

Now that we can select a guide by clicking any part of it I find it easy to accidentally rotate a guideline. Also, when I need to move the guide, I still must hunt down the guide’s control node. I think it would be better if I could click on a guide to select it, drag the guide to move it, and option+drag to rotate it.

Anyone agree?

Personally, I do not use guidelines that much. But when I work with other users’ files, which I often do, I quickly find myself accidentally rotating guidelines. That is when I usually set them to not displaying, especially when users employ a lot of guidelines. That said, a modifier key for rotating is indeed a possible solution for this problem. The option key is not interfering with anything else, is it?

Or would it be better to allow rotation only after the guideline is selected?

Selecting first might be a good idea; that way attempting to drag a straight path to add handles and shape it does not accidentally rotate a nearby guide.

Is it possible to lock guidelines? I am accidentally editing them and currently can’t undo

Why not just drag the knobs where you don’t accidentally catch them?

“Why not just drag the knobs where you don’t accidentally catch them?”

That’s not always possible with horizontal global guides. It would be a lot better if undo just worked correctly.

There is a conceptual problem with global guidelines and undo. In Glyphs, undo works per glyph. But global guidelines belong to the font. I cant’t just put it in the glyphs undo as you can change the guidelines from different glyphs.

I have to ask this again. How do you manage to accidentally edit guidelines? You can only rotate them if they where selected before. So you have to first accidentally selected a guideline and then accidentally click it again to rotate it. Or do you manage to do that with one click?