New here. Can't copy illustrator draft into Glyphs3

After playing two years with Glyphs mini I bought Glyphs3 last week. Started a new file. Neatly copied my type designs (cmd c) from Adobe Illustrator in Glyphs3 (cmd v). It all went well until the letter ‘f’. After that, copying stopped working. Work on MacOS Mojave version 10.14.6 Adobe Illustartor CC. Can somebody give me a clue?

Even copying things again that previous worked? Doe restarting your mac helps?

Can you send me the Illustrator and .glyphs file?

Dear Georg,
I was copying the first drafts into Glyphs3 without any problem. Suddenly it stopped working even though I didn’t change any settings. Restarting the programs or the Mac didn’t help. When I start up Glyphs3 I get a message that my program is not placed in the ‘applications’ map of my Mac.
I jusr found ou that because I am new on the Forum I can’t upload my .glyphsfile or my Illustrator file.

I really appreciate you wanting to help me.

Philipp van Ekeren

You can put the files in Dropbox and post a link.

Curious. Did you found the glyphs- & illustrator file in my Dropbox?

Of cause it works for me. What have you set in the clipboard settings in Illustrator?

Dear George,
Today I started a new Glyphs-Document but unfortunately the problem persisted, not only with the letter ‘g’. Drawn a new ‘g’ that could be copied. Can’t understand why some letters can and others can’t be copied to Glyphs. Reduced the number of anchor points on letterforms in illustrator. When copying the letter ‘i’ I only get the dot.
I also checked all the settings of Illustrator, including the clipboard settings.
Do get a message when updating that Glyphs3 is not in the correct folder. Could this be related to the folder containing the Glyphs3 license?
Is it possible to download and install Glyphs3 again to avoid these problems?
In the dropbox I have uploaded some screenshots.