New layer for entire font?

Hi there,
is there a way I can create a layer for the entire font? For example a background layer where I can keep parts which I might want to use later. It seems inconvenient to create it for each individual glyph again and again.
Thanks in advance,

Every glyph has a background layer. Choose PathEdit Background (⌘B) to switch between the normal layer and its background layer. When the background layer is active, Edit View is tinted with a light red background.

When working in the normal layer, show and hide the contents of the background with ViewShow Background (⇧⌘B).

There are more commands for working with the background layer in the Path menu.

Thank you Florian, that solves half of my issue. Great!
So, can I still generate another layer (for some different “background” stuff) which is available in the whole font and not only in the single glyph where I created it?

I you are looking for something that is there for all glyphs, you might need an master. But as you say you need it for ‘stuff’, that might not be a good idea.

Normally, when you like to store something, you just make a copy of that layer (the plus-button in the layer panel). Do you really need that for the whole font at once?

It’s not a need, but a habit I would like to keep.
I am used to this/my workflow from RoboFont, but I am evaluating to buy the new Glyphs version, therefore I am trying to design a bit more in the environment to find out if I really want to switch. And that is one question I have. Somehow I assumed that this would not be such a difficult thing to do, creating a layer not for a glyph but for the entire font. That’s all.

That is a very specific difference between Glyphs and Robofont.

Why adding something to all glyphs if you only need it in very few places. And some glyphs might need more that one extra layer (simple copies or special layers like alternates or intermediate masters). This is where the RF/ufo model has limitations.

It appears to me you should try using the parts/components features of Glyphs. They aren’t layers but are separate parts glyphs which can be added to any other glyph. The Tutorials on Reusing Glyphs describes several of these.


Ok, thank you!