New Plugin: Scrambler

I’ve been working on my first (very simple) plugin that has been useful for my design process with non-latin scripts. I already have it on my GitHub and did a pull request, but please let me know if there is some suggestions or things I should improve.

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I sent you some improvements.

Thanks, Georg! Let me know if there is something else I should do to get it into the plugin manager.

You need to add it yourself. Send a plug request to this repo:

Yes, I did it this morning and now merged it with the new changes.

No. You need to fork the repo I linked to above, add your changes and then send a pull request to that repo.

Done now, thanks!

I got some feedback and I wonder if this is possible:

  1. To access somehow the “invalid value” warning used in Glyphs Transformations or Fit Curve (couldn’t find it in the API).
  2. Create a warning if not a single glyph is selected (I didn’t notice before and the plugin crashes when this happens).

Can you post a screenshot of the warning? Just to be sure we are speaking about the same thing.

check the length of currentLayers. If it is zero, show a warning. Or use all layer from the edit view.

This would be the warning.