Newbie question: How to view stylistic sets in text preview

Hey there,

So I’m trying to view my stylistic set letters in the text preview. I’m able to see them by selecting them in the main screen and opening them up in the text preview HOWEVER when I want to type them out, I’ve not found a way to do this (for eg if I type an ‘M’ the original M will appear but not the one from the stylistic set).

I presumed there would be a keyboard shortcut to allow you to toggle through the sets but I can’t find anything on this anywhere…

There is a drop-down menu in the lower left corner of Glyphs. You activate the features you want to preview there.

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To type single occurances of the stylistic sets, you just search for them. You can also prepare a text with them prepended with a slash, like this: /a.ss01. Followed by a space if another character follows. That text you can paste into the edit view, or put it in the sample strings. There is also a plugin for quick access in the palette, search for Set Palette.

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