Nice tool for creating web fonts

I’ve just come across a nice tool to accompany Glyphs in the creation of an icon font. It is called Font Prep and it costs $5. It performs basically the same function as Font Squirrel (creates web fonts from your TrueType or OpenType font) but is a desktop application. It is a good bit faster than Font Squirrel and will work if you are offline or when the Font Squirrel server has problems (as it did yesterday). It has a few more options than Font Squirrel but basically its a pretty simple tool that has speeded up my iteration cycle considerably.

Check it out at:

I second this recommendation. Font Prep would be a good deal at tens times the cost.

I use webfontmaker. I know it’s still a little tedious to install (though I improved the installation process already), but it’s an open source script and you can adapt it to your own needs. You can find it on my github.

Rainer, I had seen your script before but thought it is only for FontForge since the installation instructions refer to FontForge.

So it isn’t app-specific?

It is a shell script, i.e. run from within Terminal. As any shell script, it will call a series of commands, some of which need to be installed. Fontforge is one of those shell commands. It is used for generating SVG and TTF, the latter being the basis for EOT. The Fontforge GUI is not invoked.