No float in center glyph metric key trick?

the center glyph trick with =| does not create a float, but shows an error. Should this be fixed?

I think it’s because you use [==576] for glyph width and [=|] for RSB
If the expression [=|] return 45, glyph width can’t equal 576

That’s exactly what he’s asking – He wants it to be 44.5 on both sides, thus a float.

No, float sidebeatings are not possible in Glyphs. Why would you want this, what does half a unit make of a difference? I’m the kind of guy to argue about one kerning unit, but half a unit goes too far even for me. Furthermore, why do you want your five.taboldstyle (recommended naming: five.tosf) to have symmetrical sidebearings? That will most often look off-centre.

Misunderstanding, sorry. I do not want a float.
But it would be nice, if Glyphs could ignore the difference and suppress the error. Quasi a silent rounding,

So you mean it would show 45 on both sides, but till show 576 as the glyph width? That would be wrong, technically speaking, and I personally don’t see the point of doing this silent rounding if the displayed result is factually wrong.

No, it should not touch the width, because that is absolute and exactly, what I want.
And the calculated sidebearing values are correct, too.

But Glyphs should not mark it as an error, because everything is fine.

If you ask for both side-bearings to be the same but they are one unit different, then it will be marked as not up to date. The algorithm can’t decide when one unit difference is OK or not.

Would be nice, if he could decide that in this special case :wink:

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I don’t understand. If Glyphs told you that LSB=RSB=45, that would simply be wrong.

If you are using this only in order to center your glyphs, maybe just use the mekkablue script Center Glyphs.

Perhaps the idea here is the number would be honest, but wouldn’t be red.


Ah. Thanks for the explanation, that makes sense.

Still, I would argue it should be red, as, technically, it’s wrong. But I see your point.