No glyph thumnails on master

I am working with multiple masters and the glyph thumbnails are not available for a specific master when its on the font view. I have the same master set up as an instance, however it also does not show in the preview panel to the bottom of the window. When I select this specific master, it appears empty, unlike the other masters. There is also a specific issue while typing with the text tool, where, when the text breaks, it returns to the beginning of the same line, overlapping the previous text. I am unsure if its an issue with the way I set the master up, or an error. Any help would be appreciated :slight_smile:

What is your UPM setting in FileFont Info…Font?

UPM is 1200

And also check the vertical metrics settings. what do you have in the ascender and descender field in the problematic master?

Apparently I forgot to put in the ascender and descender values, thanks for the help!

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