No instances needed but Glyphs insists

Hey guys!
Could you please help me to understand what is going on-((((
I want to create a font family with two fonts - Regular and Oblique. I don’t need interpolation. But when I am exporting my fonts Glyphs demand to add at least one instance. Why do I need to do it if I don’t want to do any interpolation?
Thank you for your help!

Instances are used to define the style name and other settings that are needed for the final font. The names of the Masters are only that and are not used for the exported font.

But it should not ask for an instance. Or do you have the Regular and Oblique in one file?


Thank you. I have both Regular and Oblique in one project (one master for Regular and one master for Oblique). Can I export them without having instances?

I want to have one font in two styles (REgular and Oblique). In other words I need to have one font in the main font menu with subfolder with two names (myfontregular and myfontoblique)

You can’t. But instances do not mean that you need to interpolate. You need to give the masters a different custom value. Then, in the Instance settings, from the plus button in the lower left, pick Add Instance for each master. Then set up the instance as needed. You could set the Is Italic checkbox to get style linking.