No print out in the macro panel

Hello all,

after a while I wanted to update my own scripts for G2. While use and pre-test them, something does not work. I was looking for the „print“ in the macro panel to check the output.

But it looks like the print (f.e. print “testme”) dosn’t work anymore?

Both - while use “print” in the macro panel and out of a script - doesn’t ouput my string …
Are there any changes in python or the syntax?



I have seen no problem with print. My guess is that you have Glyphs.clearLog() after print command which clears all output.

Did you activate the ‘use console for script output’ in user preferences?

I activatef ‘output in macro panel’. And there is no ‘clear log’ at the en of the script :slight_smile: - also when use 'print “hello” in the macro-panel itself nothing is in the output …

You shouldn’t activate it.
Maybe you have a plugin that disturbs it?

mmm ok, i de-activate it the script output, but nothing changed. What I know on I dont have any plugins that block the output …

I dont know

but if i click on ‘ausführen’, nothing happend

Do you have plugins installed? Can you disable them by renaming the plugin folder? And always restart the app after you change something.


I restarted the app and the mac, this solved that problem. but yes, there also were some obsolet(?) plugins. ich have to check this.

thank you

I just had the same issue. It wasn’t obvious to me that I needed to restart Glyphs to turn off console script output.