Nodes get empty when ALT-dragging

I found this bug in Glyps 2.0. I found it when opening an edited font in 1.0 which was edited in 2.0. So I looked into it more. When ALT-dragging nodes on some glyphs, they get doubled, and empty.

See screen shots what happens, very strange:

  1. Select two nodes.

  2. ALT-drag the nodes and move the cursor a little bit to the right or left (to see the bug)

What do you expect to happen?

The nodes should only move (without the handles moving) — not get doubled, obviously.

Sometimes, alt-drag duplicates, and here, it conflicted with the handle-less movement. I will do some more testing and file a detailed bug report.

I haven’t been able to reproduce this in 675 and 676. Can you still reproduce it? If so, please send me the file and perhaps a screencast of how you do it.

Just now it works as expected. I don’t really see a pattern when it happens.

I don’t track the update numbers, so I’m not sure on which releases it happened. If it happens again I will document it properly for sure.