Noisy/Dirty Effect Plugin


Is there are a plugin that makes a Noisy/Dirty Effect as attached images?


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This is probably not a single effect, rather (I guess) worn woodtype scanned in and digitised. You can achieve some of it with the Risorizer plug-in, the Roughen filter and some of the other deconstruction plug-ins in the Plugin Manager.


NaNGlyphFilters β€” Generative Fonts & Scripts β€” What is this? as well


That’s pretty good. I remember when it was published. Will add it to the plug-in manager.


I installed the scripts from the plug-in manager and then restarted Glyphs but it didin’t work at least for me
I searched the github page for the filter and I think a library called noise may be the reason

I tried to install it using β€œpip install noise” and after installing no thing worked as well
Is there any manual setup or add on should be installed for it to work as expected

Could be a Python path issue:

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I think it hasn’t been updated for G3 yet (at least it was G2 last month).

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I tried to download the β€œNaN-xyz Scripts” from the Plugin manager and got this message: ___________
Failed to clone repository from GitHub - NaN-xyz/GlyphsApp-Scripts: GlyphsApp Scripts
to /Users/pascalzoghbi/Library/Application Support/Glyphs 3/Repositories/NaN-xyz

So I downloaded the folder from Github β€œGitHub - NaN-xyz/Glyph-Filters: Generative Fonts and Tools for Display Typography” and placed it manually into the Scripts folder of Glyphs. Tried to run some scripts to make the dirt or glitch effect, but nothing happens and an error pops up in the Macro Panel.

The error reads:

Traceback (most recent call last):
File β€œ”, line 8
from NaNGFGraphikshared import *
File β€œ”, line 6
import numpy as np
ModuleNotFoundError: No module named β€˜numpy’

Is there any update for these scripts? Or there is another set of scripts that make the rough, dirt, grungy effects… ?