Noisy/Dirty Effect Plugin


Is there are a plugin that makes a Noisy/Dirty Effect as attached images?


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This is probably not a single effect, rather (I guess) worn woodtype scanned in and digitised. You can achieve some of it with the Risorizer plug-in, the Roughen filter and some of the other deconstruction plug-ins in the Plugin Manager.


NaNGlyphFilters β€” Generative Fonts & Scripts β€” What is this? as well


That’s pretty good. I remember when it was published. Will add it to the plug-in manager.


I installed the scripts from the plug-in manager and then restarted Glyphs but it didin’t work at least for me
I searched the github page for the filter and I think a library called noise may be the reason

I tried to install it using β€œpip install noise” and after installing no thing worked as well
Is there any manual setup or add on should be installed for it to work as expected

Could be a Python path issue:

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I think it hasn’t been updated for G3 yet (at least it was G2 last month).

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